The Ultimate Thanksgiving Survival Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]




What could be better?

Although Thanksgiving is an excellent time of year to gather around the table with our families, it's also become a popular day to forget everything we've worked for or put off what we "plan" on working for - all for the chance to stuff our faces with sugary pies, sauce-laded casseroles, alcohol, and more often than not - a dry mouthful of turkey.

That giant slice of pumpkin pie becomes stronger than our desire to feel good the next morning.  That third helping of sweet potato pie, green bean casserole and turkey smothered in gravy tastes like a good idea to start healthier habits again "tomorrow."  Hours of football on the tube, endless beers, inappropriate jokes with your crazy Uncle Marvin, and sitting around all day becomes easier to do then getting outside for some touch football with the neighborhood.

Let's be honest - the Resistance to cave to these temptations is strong, and this world is not set up for you and I to be healthy.  At Training For Warriors, we believe a warrior is somebody who pushes forward in the face of resistance:

-A warrior says NO THANKS to endless servings of food that is feeding their mind instead of their body

-A Warrior says NO THANKS to sitting around all day

-A Warrior PLANS around common excuses (holidays, birthdays, Fridays, Saturdays) to succeed

-A Warrior says YES to themselves again and does the things that make them happy!

You don't have to be that person on Thanksgiving who is sitting in the corner with their Tupperware of turkey and broccoli (although please post a  picture on our Facebook page if you do) , or the gloomy guy/gal who gets upset when others ask why you're not participating in any of the "fun."  But there are some things we can do to navigate the temptations and live a healthier & happier Thanksgiving!

Enjoy yourself, but take some strategies from our popular TURKEY-INFOGRAPHIC to help you stay on point this Holiday Season.

Eric ParentComment