Have a Delicious November – 6 Warrior 20 Recipes You Have to Try!

When you are coaching people of any age, nutrition is a huge part of any success story. At TFW South Metro we dedicate a huge amount of our coaching to motivate and encourage our students to stay the course when it comes to healthy eating.

Yet coming up with new recipes to help boost health and fitness isn’t always easy, or convenient.

Take heart, this month we’ve got 6 fantastic Warrior 20 recipes that incorporate the best ingredients and deliver incredible taste. 

Not sure what foods are included on the Warrior 20 list? Click here to download a copy today!

Check out these winners that will fill in the days leading up to Thanksgiving:

1.  Amaranth Risotto with Mushrooms – Craving some carb-kissed comfort foods as the weather gets chillier? This recipe from Epicurious will fit the bill. One of our favorite carb sources is Amaranth, a grain similar to corn. The ancient Aztecs enjoyed it as a regular part of their diet and you’ll get hooked, too.

2. Smoked Salmon Egg Stuffed Avocados – These delectables from FreshPlanetFlavor.com are so pretty you almost don’t want to eat them but once you take a bite you’ll definitely go for more. We love the combination of protein in the fish and eggs and healthy fat in the avocado. It’s the perfect meal that will give you lots of energy for that TFW session

3.  Chicken and Quinoa Soup – Here’s another power packed meal that makes a November night that much more delicious. This recipe from The Food Network incorporates a selection of vegetables – including broccoli, a TFW South Metro favorite – for a healthy, satisfying dinner. Skip the sour cream topping if you are avoiding dairy.

4.  Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili – Vegetarians will dig this dish and meat eaters will, too, by adding their favorite protein such as bison or grass fed beef to up the heartiness factor. We love this recipe because you can hide vegetables in the mix which adds to the kid-friendly factor.

5.  Low Carb Fish Taco Cabbage Bowl – Cruciferous veggies are a mainstay of the Warrior 20 diet, which is why this healthy taco option makes our list. The mouth-watering recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen highlights a cruciferous super star, cabbage, which lowers cholesterol and may help prevent cancer. Combine these healthy ingredients for a new twist on Taco Tuesday. It’s also perfect for gluten free warriors.

6.  Bacon and Eggs in a Different Way – This recipe from LowCarbSoSimple will delight the heart of any bacon lover. You can enjoy these at any meal or as a tasty appetizer. Halve the eggs and fill them with all kinds of sauces or vegetables – this recipe calls for thyme cream cheese. Experiment and create your own masterpiece!

These recipes will be the perfect addition to your November meal planning. With choices like this it will be easier for you to stay on track to your goals. Want more healthy eating tips? Follow us on Facebook.

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