Why You Need to Own It Now

Remember back in the day when you had to put a damage deposit down on that off-campus college house?  Then we were rudely awakened 1 year later when that deposit we thought we were getting back is suddenly paying for only a fraction of the damage we did to the house while being "young and free?"

Or maybe it was leasing/buying a new vehicle.  We figured that "somebody else" would inherit the negligence and lack of care, but we found out quickly when we went to trade it in that it no longer held the value that it should. 

Maybe it was a situation in which you said something and it didn't come out the way it was intended.  But time will pass right?  Everything will be forgotten! WRONG.

We have ALL been there at some point in our life.

Later on we look back on the moment and wish we had done something different.  We may not know it, but oftentimes that "something different" is the fact that we completely blew the opportunity to take complete ownership.  

The items from above - the stupid decisions in college; the poor treatment of a car; and the running of thy big mouth - are all lessons learned in complete ownership.  Each situation hurt - check that - HURT A LOT!  The ego was ticked off.  The emotions were stirred up with the most powerful blender ever created.  But then...


But only after...

Complete Ownership! 

The exact moment you take full and complete ownership of a situation is the moment you begin to rebuild and set your sails for a more positive destination.  It's an opportunity for you to write a new chapter and know that you have done your part.

-You start treating your living space and mode of transportation with respect and care

-You start treating your mind and body like the temple that they are and feed them with positive vibes and healthy habits more often than not

-You start telling the truth (to yourself and others) RIGHT AWAY to get down to the nitty gritty of what needs to be done in order to make a change

-You apologize when something hurts somebody else's feelings, whether it was intended or not (perception is reality)

-You start becoming a COACH that takes full responsibility for the people around you 

Life is a crazy jumble of emotions and to-do lists that get out of hand the moment we decide to push it off on someone other than ourselves.  We pay a much steeper price when we DELAY DELAY DELAY to do the right thing in the direction of the person we want to become.

So Why Do You Need to Own It Now?

Because....The total cost is much higher the longer you delay ownership

-Drop the stubborn ego and tell that person you are sorry (and freaking mean it!).  It is never your choice whether or not that person forgives you, but you have done your part.  The price of dropping your ego now is WAY less than the guilt and anger that will undoubtedly be paid later.

-Stand buck-naked in front of the mirror right as you get up in the morning and OWN every last bit of your body.  Take it all in and know that since you got to "this" place YOU can get to "that" place!  The price of 1 "big ass salad" per day now is WAY less than treatment for cancer or diabetes 10 years later.

-Start treating your spouse, kids, friends, and people you work alongside with respect at all times.  The price of courtesy and respect now is WAY less than the turmoil it takes to fix a broken relationship.

-Be yourself.  Nothing will ever be as unique and special and YOU are.  Own the fact that you are an incredible person who is capable of anything you set your mind to regardless of where you are or where you have been.




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