How high is Your Fitness I.Q? Take the Warrior Fitness Quiz

Once you get consistent with a fitness routine, your whole attitude and life-path changes. You find yourself spending more time looking at food labels, considering meal preparation and scheduling your training sessions.

Consistent action is the key ingredient to any desired outcome, but It’s also important to be armed with some facts that affect your lifestyle choices. Understanding the factors that influence your overall health profile can be the difference between plateaus (and frustration) and new found levels of strength and vibrancy.

Take our fitness I.Q. test to see if you are checking all the right boxes when it comes to your healthiest self!

1. What is Your Metabolism?

a. The rate at which you burn calories

b. The rate at which you eat or drink calories

c. The processes your body uses to convert or use energy

d. The caloric fuel your muscles burn during exercise

2. What is Your Metabolic Rate?

a. The rate at which you burn calories during aerobic exercise

b. The rate at which you build muscle during strength training

c. The rate at which you burn calories while dieting

d. The rate at which you burn calories at rest


3. What Most Affects Your Metabolism?

a. The amount of muscle you have

b. The type of diet you follow

c. Your DNA

d. The amount of sleep you get

e. Your age

f. Your gender

g. How much alcohol you drink

4. What is the Least Optimal Length for a Nap?

a. 10 minutes

b. 10 – 20 minutes

c. 90 minutes

d. 60 minutes


5. Your Metabolism Begins to Slow

a. In Your 20s

b. In Your 30s

c. In Your 40s

d. In Your 50s


6. How Much Does Your Metabolism Decrease with Each Decade After 35?

a. 2.5%

b. 3% for Women, 1% for Men

c. 4% for Women, 1.5% for Men

d. 2.0%

e. 5%


7. What Affects Long Term Weight Loss?

a. Strength Training

b. Food Choices

c. Gender

d. Aerobic Exercise

e. Social Support

f. All of the above

8. Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

a. True

b. False


9. Men Gain More Strength That Women from Strength Training

a. True

b. False

Do you have a high fitness I.Q.? Check out the answers:

1. C. The processes your body uses to convert energy. Every living organism has a metabolism made of a variety of processes to maintain life.

2. D. The rate at which your body burns calories at rest. Your metabolic rate can be measured as Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR – which estimates the number of calories you burn maintaining your basic living functions) or Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR – which estimates the number of calories you burn maintaining basic bodily functions plus eating and activity).

3. E. Your Age. It’s an unfortunate fact of nature -- our metabolism decreases with each decade. However the other factors such as gender, food choices, how much alcohol you consume, how much sleep you get, your DNA and how much muscle you have contribute to speeding up or slowing down your metabolism.

4. D. 60 Minutes. Sleep researchers say the best nap lengths are either between 10-20 minutes which prevents you from going into heavy REM sleep, and 90 minutes which allows you to go completely through a REM cycle and awake refreshed.

5. A. In Your 20s. Which means there is no time like the present to do the things that will boost yours!

6. E. 5%. The good news is you can stoke your metabolic fire at any age.

7. F. There are a number of factors which influence long term weight loss. Control the ones you can!

8. False. Muscle is denser than fat. A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat however that pound of fat takes up 4 more times of space which is why when you gain muscle you may weigh the same but you look and feel leaner.

9. False. Research at McMaster University in Canada discovered that “…in response to the same short-term training program, muscle size increases similarly in women and men but women make greater relative increases in strength.”


How did you do? Is your fitness I.Q. as high as you thought? Remember, knowledge is POTENTIAL power which when put into ACTION can get you the results you seek! 

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