The Opposite

What would happen if you simply put your feelings to the side for a day, a week, a month?

Who could you become if you just did the exact opposite of what you were feeling at the time?

It's a simple concept, but like most things that require work, not easy.

You see, all of us, including the people that you look up, go through these moments of choice.  These moments define who we are, what we have, and who we influence.  These moments dictate whether or not we have a good mood or a bad mood, a day of putting out fires or a day of creating the fire.

An even deeper question: who could you become if you simply DECIDED to do and be something different?

Scenario 1: Mrs. Smith is a mother of 3, has a crazy schedule and can't quite seem to find the time to exercise, prep her meals, or create space.  Mrs. Smith is stressed out and the weight of all the external demands are draining her internal fire. What can she do?


- Instead of hitting the snooze button, wake up and hit the shower. (Bonus: a COLD shower will really wake her up!)

-Instead of grabbing something "convenient" to eat before work, that extra time she saved by not hitting the snooze button may allow her an extra 10 minutes to make something more serving to her health. (Eggs and spinach anyone??)

-When she feels like scrolling through social media, meditate for 10 minutes to create space instead.

-When her kids are causing all sorts of noise...instead of blowing up and yelling...let Dad know that you're out(!) and you're going to hit the gym!

Working with so many amazing women as we do...we have noticed a trend: women put themselves LAST on the priority list.

Ladies...instead of LAST, what if you put yourself FIRST?  Try it for a week.  Try it for a month.  

Scenario 2: Mr. Smith is the dad of a loving wife (Mrs. Smith), has 3 amazing kids, has a well paying job, and is short tempered because of the demands of everyday life.  He gets home from work and plops on the couch, only to sedate himself by watching reruns of House of Cards on Netflix, scroll through social media, and binge on the dinner that Mrs. Smith made.  Mr. Smith is exhausted, losing faith in himself, and ignoring every sign of his deteriorating health. What can he do?


-Instead of stopping by McDonalds or grabbing a doughnut at the office, why not spend an hour or so on Sundays to prep a healthy breakfast?

-Instead of binging on Netflix right after work, why not play a game of hide-and-seek with his kids?

-Instead of proclaiming that "I'll start on Monday," WHY NOT go and get started at a gym today?!

The men we get to work with are truly amazing people - - dads, husbands, soon-to-be-both - - and their commitment to themselves FIRST is truly inspiring.  How can you truly provide for the people you love if you can't take care of yourself first?

Gentlemen...instead of LAST, what if you put yourself FIRST?  Try it for a week.  Try it for a month.



Change is hard.  But it is simple.  Oftentimes, it starts with the internal dialogue that we have with ourselves.  It's either...I can't do this, I'll start on Monday, I can't afford it, or I'm too busy...OR




We are here to tell you that you CAN DO THIS.  We have had so many amazing people, just like you, come through our doors who were lost, scared, discouraged, bored, or broken - - - and they found a way to put their feelings to the side and do the opposite, which oftentimes was simply WORK to make themselves a priority.

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