ALL ABOARD (!) The Fitness Train!

“Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit.”

Conrad Hilton

Here's a little lie you need to squash in your life right now. “Everyone else stays on track except for me.”

Here’s the truth. Everyone, every person in some way or another falls – or steps – off the fitness train in some way. It isn’t how or why you took a break it’s that you will choose to get back on.

Don’t listen to the voice that says you are a failure. Realize you are human. Being human gives you a nearly limitless set of tools with which you can change your path.

It may not be easy to retrace your steps back to the platform but we’ve got 5 things you can do today to punch your ticket for the next fitness train:


1. Forgive Yourself – You were doing so well, eating your broccoli and going to the gym 4 days a
week. Then life hit and for whatever reason you opted out of that healthy lifestyle pattern.

Let it go. Put it in the rearview mirror. Release the guilt and realize that when you are back on
track you will come into contact with many others who struggle with the same situation. Won’t
it be great when you can encourage others because you’ve been there, too?

2. Re-evaluate Your Plan – Were you asking too much of yourself? Were your fitness expectations
unrealistic? There is a reason that at the TFW-South Metro Dojo we ascribe to
choosing and losing just one habit each a month – it’s doable.  Image the person you could become in a year!

This isn’t a permission slip to reduce your workouts because they are difficult or ease up your
nutrition goals because it’s not fun eating Brussels sprouts. This is examining what was working
for you in the past and finding ways to build on that.

3. Create a New Schedule – When you book a trip, you organize your calendar – and your life –
around it. Same thing applies here. Get out that calendar and put in your workouts and even the
number of veggies you intend to eat every day.

As you commit to these daily goals take time to congratulate yourself. You are punching the
ticket to a healthier lifestyle!


4. Gather Your Supporters – Motivation is so much easier to come by when you are part of a
supportive group. Tell your workout pals that you will need their encouragement. They will
undoubtedly step up to keep you going.

If you don’t have a gym that has a built in support system, look for one. Having a Familia of
buddies to cheer you on and hold you accountable can be the most important tool you have.

5. Use Positive Triggers – Want to build something into your lifestyle? Do it consistently. Want to
do it consistently? Create triggers to prompt you. Triggers will help make your healthy lifestyle choices a habit. Try these trigger tips:

- Leave your workout shoes where you can see them.
- Write an affirmation on a notecard and put it in your kitchen.
- Say a mantra of encouragement and belief every time you turn on your car.
- Make time for a 10 minute break in your day to re-focus. This can include re-evaluating
your goals or planning a tasty new recipe.

The good thing about most trains is...there is always another one coming. Dust off your workout clothes, fire up your oven to roast some veggies and put together a plan that you can consistently follow. You’ll be back on the fitness train in no time!

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trial that will get your healthy lifestyle running on all cylinders!

Eric ParentComment