The Secret Fitness Formula...

If you scan the internet you can find MILLIONS of tips for fitness success – workout in the morning, workout in the evening, eat protein right after a workout, combine strength and cardio, integrate yoga, intermittent fasting, integrate Pilates, integrate weights in the pool – you get the idea.

However, the secret to your fitness journey is one that is surprisingly simple. It’s less of a strategy and more of a concept that helps people override the stalemate that many of us find in our
fitness journeys.

Familia is a term used to describe the unique and powerful community at all Training for Warriors
dojos. Beyond the hands-on coaching and planned weekly workouts designed to build strength and burn fat, Familia helps members enjoy vast rewards beyond basic fitness and helps bring out “The Warrior Within”.

Familia introduces the aspect of being part of a caring and committed group. One that maintains deep and meaningful relationships, and reaps huge emotional and physiological benefits.


Think about all the gyms you’ve attended in the past. Some are huge, with hundreds of people all
pursuing their own programs. Granted, there are small groups who exercise together in classes but that dynamic rarely carries over into your outside life.

Others are small and individualized. You show up, punch in your code, do your workout and go home, without any encouragement or support.

TFW has created a vastly different culture for fitness.  Familia is a state of belonging and safety that you feel immediately. No matter your fitness level or experience, when you walk into a Training For Warriors Dojo, you are welcomed and included.  No ego.  No judgement.

The TFW mantra “Bring out the Warrior Within” is one that includes all parts of a person’s life. Regular warriors like you and I enjoy success beyond fitness...all because of familia.

TFW students benefit from being part of a group that applauds and encourages everyone’s
fitness and life journey. From creating devoted workout partnerships and celebrating personal bests to participating in philanthropic projects as a community. Familia members know they are beneficiaries of something different and life-changing.

It makes sense that this unique aspect is a powerful fitness tool. Researchers have long known that people who find like-minded individuals to work out with find greater success and sustainability in their programs.

Yet meaningful friendships carry more power than just having a workout buddy.


A recent study determined that friendships may be more important for health and well-being than family relationships: “in a cross‐sectional survey of 271,053 adults, valuing friendships was related to better functioning, particularly among older adults, whereas valuing familial relationships exerted a static influence on health and well‐being across the lifespan.”

The magic behind Familia is the knowledge that fitness and wellness are important goals but that
personal growth in all areas of life are the crux to true success.

To that end TFW students join together for community projects to benefit others. They donate
time and gifts to help the less fortunate. They maintain an active online group supporting each other with calls for help, healthy recipes, strategies for success and a steady stream of encouragement. They participate in group outings from competing in athletic events as a team to rock climbing and family events.

The result? An exceptional tribe of people committed to helping everyone become healthier and

If you are looking for that secret to fitness success that may have eluded you, visit TFW South Metro and experience the powerful magic that is Familia.


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