Obsess About This...Not That...

You cannot control your weight.


Disagree with this statement?

Go stand on a scale and decide to lose 5 pounds.

Well, how'd that work for you? Did your weight drop on command, or did it not budge?

It didn't budge.

And yet you spend your precious time obsessing about your weight as if you had control over it.

The good news is that you do have control over a couple of important things that influence your weight.

We're talking about your choices regarding what you eat and if you exercise.

Your current weight is the sum result of your history with eating and physical training (along with some other things like stress, sleep, environment, etc.).


We are going to focus on food and training today - - 2 things that you do have 100% control over! 

Close your eyes and think back over the last three years of your life. What kinds of foods did you eat most often? How intensely did you exercise? What kind of exercise and how often?

Now open your eyes and look at yourself in a full-length mirror. You are looking at the result of your past choices.

If you like what you see then keep on eating and exercising the same. It's working for you!

If you'd like to tweak a few things, then it’s time to start making different choices about food and exercise. Here are some suggestions:

Choices about food...

  • I choose to eat wholesome foods that make my body feel good.
  • I choose to eat slow and until 80% full.
  • I choose to eat a serving of lean protein at every meal.
  • I choose to eat a serving of vegetables at every meal.

Choices about physical training...

  • I choose to get up early in the morning, when I could be sleeping, to invest time in physical training before I go to work or bring the kids to school.
  • I choose to show up and train 4x per week.
  • I choose to find a workout partner to keep me accountable.
  • I choose to take recovery days (yep that's important too!) and try new activities that test out my new levels of fitness!

There’s no reason to spend another minute obsessing about the number on your scale. You’re smarter than that.

Instead focus your energy on the choices you make regarding what you eat and how you exercise.

Everybody, coaches and students, at Training For Warriors are always here to help you make better choices - - and you just may see it's not as hard as it may seem at times.

The best way to get started is to make a choice to try a FREE 7-Day trial at our dojo.  First step is to meet with a coach to determine if the program is for you can get you where you want to be.  Want to find out?  Apply now and a coach will be in contact within 24-hours  #tfw #trainingforwarriors

PS...We included a free download to our infographic "Weight Loss Myths."  ENJOY!

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