5 Stories You Tell Yourself About Why "Fitness Isn't For You"

Holy $h!t, I'm going to fall!

Those were the words rushing through my head as I ascended up my first wall at Vertical Endeavors this past Sunday.  Along with my sweaty palms, quivering leg muscles, and chalk-infused fingers - - my feelings about my chosen predicament added to this total mind, body, and spirit experience.  Tagging along for this indoor rock climbing adventure were some amazing friends and family from our dojo at Training For Warriors in Savage.  They all seemed cool as cucumbers as they conquered their own fears of heights or falling...(ok, maybe some were better at hiding it than others!)

Yours truly, Coach Debbie, and Katie!

Yours truly, Coach Debbie, and Katie!

But like most things in life, as we all got used to the surroundings and made an effort to try - - IT GOT EASIER.  On top of that...IT GOT FUN!  

I didn't expect to get a brain-full of life lessons while rock climbing with friends, but I couldn't help but think about how my journey up (and many times down) a 5.11 scale wall related to the mind games people play with themselves as they contemplate starting (or stopping) a fitness journey.

Here are 5 stories I had in my head, that were totally FALSE, as I scaled the numerous rock walls - - and how these same stories keep people STUCK in the land of "Fitness Ain't For Me!"

1. "I'm Not Ready For This"...Ok, so when do you calculate you will be ready?  When you're a magic age?  A magic weight?  Maybe after the kids move out of the house or when you have more time?  You know as well as we all know that all of these stories are false, and are only stressing you out.  Why?  Because not ACTING on the things we know we need to do - - AKA joining an amazing fitness community - - stresses us out more than the actual doing!

You're as ready as you're going to be 23 days or 3 years from now...Get climbing!

2. "It's Too Uncomfortable"...This one I can appreciate fully.  Challenging workouts oftentimes can leave us with thoughts of discomfort, wishing instead we were sipping beers on our favorite beach somewhere warm - - but we all know doing the latter probably won't get us the results we want (unless you want a headache and bad tan lines).

Climbing up the walls was not only physically demanding at times, but it was also mentally draining - - especially for the people (me included) who couldn't stop repeating "don't look down" 100X over in their heads.  Starting a new fitness program WILL have its challenges for certain, but these challenges are what make us better!

Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

3. "Nobody Is There To Support Me"...Many people think that they have to start a fitness journey alone.  This is simply not the case, and probably a bad idea if you want to get some confidence in the very beginning.  When we first got to the rock climbing center, we were given a rundown on where to start, what to expect, and then permission to ask to help.  This was super helpful for us newbies to the climbing walls.  Not only were there people there to help, they made you comfortable enough to try even more challenging things!

Yep, I would agree - - there are a lot of fancy gyms and boxes out there that really don't care if you show up (it's sad really), but that is why you have to do your research and find a family that will take you in and show you the ropes!

Warrior Kayla

Warrior Kayla

4. "People Will Think I'm Weird"...I once had somebody ask me, "Reid, what is the most challenging thing about Training For Warriors?"  I had to think for a moment, but the answer was clear - - and the person on the receiving end nodded their head in approval...

I responded: "Comparison Syndrome"

When people compare their chapter 1 to somebody else and their chapter 20, it makes sitting out on the sidelines not only easy, but inevitable.  When we arrived at the rock climbing venue, I was in awe of what all of these people could do.  But instead of walking back the other way, I used that inspiration as motivation - - and again, realized deep down that NOBODY is watching me! They are only focused on THEIR work! Phew! 

The lesson?  Don't get frustrated with what others can do, get fascinated about what you want to do!

5. "I Can't Afford It"...Maybe not surprisingly, this is the most common thing that holds people back from actually SAVING themselves time, energy, and money years down the road.  Instead of looking at what they PUT IN as an investment, they view it as a cost - - and then they wonder why medications, hospital bills, doctor visits, and insurance premiums empty their wallets and fill their minds with anxiety so quickly.

The best step is the next step, and that is investing in your health first - - before your mind, body, or spirit gets too far down the rabbit hole in debt.  After spending almost 3 hours challenging my physical and mental being - - I once again realized that my health is my first wealth, and that activities that challenge me are always worth the investment!  YOU ARE WORTH IT TOO!


Turns out, I found a new challenging activity that WAS FOR ME!  I never would have found this out if I would have just stuck to my normal routine - - which DOES NOT include rock climbing!  

Perhaps your life does not include fitness, or you're telling yourself one of the stories from above. Either way, we'd love to meet you and talk about how we can help you climb your fitness mountain - - whatever that may be.  Click here to schedule a transformation session with one of our rockstar coaches!  Get climbing!

Our next 8 Week Transformation kicks of April 23rd! Don't miss out!  


Viva La Familia!

Viva La Familia!

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