3 Models You Need To Hang Out With

This past weekend, my wife and I got to celebrate an epic TFW wedding in Rhode Island, as well as explore the iconic town of Boston.  There was dancing, great conversation with great people, overstuffed lobster (pronounced "lob-stah") rolls, and endless historic markers...

but what I wasn't expecting were the 3 models I ran into again and again as the weekend progressed.



NOT a runway model.

NOT a fitness model.

NOT these car models...

Rolls Royce Car Models.  

Rolls Royce Car Models.  

Models that are all around us each and every day.  Models that, when I took a step back on this amazing weekend, reminded me about the power of being present.

MODEL 1 - - Laughter

From since I can remember, the power of a good laugh completely stops time and erases any stress going on in my life.  If I would have had my head down, I would have missed the moments that made my belly hurt and my voice dull...stories from friends, questionable dance moves, "what happens in the photo booth stays in the photo booth" moments, and seeing the looks on peoples faces when we were trying to talk "wicked smaht."

It's impossible to be stressed when you're laughing.  How can you get your head up and have a laugh today?

The cake tasted just as good as it looked!

The cake tasted just as good as it looked!

MODEL 2 - - Love

Love your partner.  Love your family.  Love your friends.  Love the people you just met.  Always.  

This weekend was a love story about how the guy married the girl next door (literally).  It was a special reminder about the power that "presence" has when you are looking to love yourself or your neighbor a little bit more.  Without presence, there probably wouldn't have been a wedding this weekend.  Without presence, the love and care required to grow something meaningful - - a relationship, a body that serves you, or a career - - goes stale.

Are you in the presence of people that love each other?  Are you in the presence of people that love and treat their bodies well?  Are you in the presence of people who love what they do?  If not, it's time to hang out with a new model of love!

The bride and groom!

The bride and groom!

MODEL 3 - - Living

Although there was plenty of capturing moments on this weekend getaway, time seemed to stand still, and we truly left feeling rejuvenated from all that we got to do (including the 8 miles of city walking and copious amounts of seafood).

I used to be so worried to try new things or venture out of what's considered normal for me.  I would plan and plan and plan...and did nothing, except have a really cool vision board.  But I started to hang out with some LIVING MODELS...people who pushed me to get my head up and live life instead of capture it all.  That was powerful.  

...but then I got a little frustrated at the old me. I was that person who would sit on the sidelines and hope for change but not act like it.  Why did I take so long to start hanging out with the right models?  Models that would make me laugh more?  Models that would make me love more?  Models that would make me live more?

...but then I was grateful.  Grateful that an organization like Training For Warriors is helping so many people model new behavior that will give them a better life.  Grateful that I get to play a small part in that.  Grateful that so many people - - students, coaches, mentors - - are in my life and provide an amazing model to look up to. Grateful that each person has the opportunity to JOIN THE RESISTANCE that is TFW!


If you need to model some new behaviors to increase the quality of your life, check out the awesome dojo at Training For Warriors - South Metro.  Losing body fat, building lean muscle, and feeling amazing are just the beginning...we'd love to meet you!










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