5 Transformative Lessons From A Minnesota Warrior

This past weekend, over 150 Training For Warriors coaches and students from all over the world assembled for the 6th annual TFW Summit near Zion National Park in Utah.

To say it was epic would be an understatement, and to try and vividly depict the impact of all the emotional stories, challenging activities, and connection with people would nearly be impossible.

But one story was hard to forget, and it was a great reminder that no matter what…we can all make the choice to get off the sidelines and step into this battle called life.

Introducing….Training For Warriors-South Metro’s own, Debbie Larson, The 2018 TFW Student of the Year, and 5 lessons you can apply to your own life TODAY.


1 - Cross that line

This first lesson is the most important, the most simple, but the hardest part for people to do…


Every morning, Debbie had a choice to go to the gym.  She crossed that line.

Every day, Debbie had a choice to prep meals that served her mind, body and spirit.  She crossed that line.

Every night, Debbie had a choice to go to bed on time and let her body rejuvenate.  She crossed that line.

The choice is to stay comfortable with where you are at, or cross that line with a choice that will serve you for where you want to go.  

What line do you need to cross today?

2 - Embrace the dark

Hiding from the dark facts about your life is a sure way to stay stuck and miserable.

Stuck and miserable in a body that doesn’t serve you. 

Stuck and miserable in a job that doesn’t ignite your inner fire.

Stuck and miserable with people that aren’t on the same mission as you.

Debbie embraced where she was and by doing so was able to completely change her life.  She is in the best shape of her life, doing something she loves, and surrounding herself with people that make her better every single day.

What are the facts of your life right now?


3 - Keep your cup empty 

One of the most dangerous phrases you can use is “I already know that.” Debbie surrendered to the process and completely transformed her physical body, her emotional state, and mental clarity.  No barbell, kettlebell, bag of broccoli, glass of water, or 8 hours of sleep can match the power of an open mind (an empty cup) to actually start doing those things consistently.

You don’t lose 10, 25, 50, or 100+ pounds and gain confidence, charisma, and purpose without an empty cup and a commitment to yourself.  

How empty is your cup?

4 - Smile

Nothing is worthwhile if you don’t allow yourself to smile.  Despite the challenges that came for Debbie, she still made the choice to bring the enthusiasm and a smile to every single training session…and is now paying it forward for hundreds of people each week as a coach at Training For Warriors-South Metro.  

When you find yourself lacking in enthusiasm, always remember why you started…and realize that everything is going to be ok in the end.

Did you smile today?  


5 - Look over your shoulder…

…and keep going.

Great stories are built on a foundation of struggle, and looking back on everything you have been through is the only way the story can really make sense in the here and now.  

Back then, it didn’t make sense for Debbie to cross that line and meet with a coach at Training For Warriors.  It makes sense now.

Back then, it didn’t make sense why physical training and making better food choices was so hard.  It makes sense now.

Back then, it didn’t make sense to go for what she wanted and put herself first again.  It makes sense now.

What from your past has made you who you are today?


Debbie is just like you.  She took that opportunity to rewrite her story, that same opportunity that you have right now, and look at her now. 

Maybe you’re sitting there thinking…it’s too late, you don’t have time, you don’t have money, you will look silly, or…you might actually become a whole new person.  Debbie is proof that you can be that new person, TODAY.

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