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"I'm going to be healthy"

"Health is a HABIT and not a DESTINATION"

Let's be brutally honest, 90% of people in North America are not practicing habits that are making them healthier than they were 10 minutes ago, let alone 10 months or 10 years ago.  We fall into the trap that we must go ALL IN completely in order to arrive at health.  This is simply not true.

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5 Lies Keeping You from a Better Life - and how you can bust through them

...some people can't overcome obstacles that they actually set up for themselves. If you are someone who has good intentions about starting a fitness program but can't seem to get the ball rolling you may be falling prey to 5 lies that are stopping you dead in your tracks. 

Take a look and see if one - or all - apply to you and discover how you can blast through them to achieve the best life possible. 

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