As Much Resistance As Possible

The fitness industry has bastardized a lot of stuff lately.  It has become a game just to see how outrageous and "cool" something or somebody can be just for a few likes on Facebook or Instagram.  People are now celebrated when they obtain the fastest times in a workout, regardless of movement quality.  People are now considered bad-ass when they suffer the most torn calluses on their bloodied hands or when they suffer a crazy injury (yes I've heard it).  Instead of actual coaching being celebrated, we ooogle all the butt and ab selfies on our social media feeds - and then loudly express "OMG Becky, look at your butt..."

At Training for Warriors - South Metro, we believe in coaching.  We believe that coaching is THE ONE THING that can get you on the right path, not the easy path, to amazing results in your life. You see, the industry nowadays has gone soft, but we believe coaching is the path to a better more meaningful existence.

-It's easy to make yourself tired in the gym.  It can be hard to make yourself better in the gym.

-It's easy to go on a diet (it's already written out for me!).  It can be hard to figure out an eating plan that works specifically for YOUR needs.

-It's easy to share all the pictures and posts about the perfect abs and butt, perfectly portioned meals with all the colors of the rainbow, and portray how life is so PERFECTLY PERFECT.  It can be hard to be real and share that you're an actual human being who isn't perfect.

-It's easy to get a job out of college, settle in, and retire at 65.  It can be hard to follow your heart and create a career out of something you're truly passionate about.

-It's easy to watch TV every night.  It can be hard to work on becoming a master at your craft through self-discovery, reading, and actual productive work.

-It's easy to point the finger at other people.  It can be hard to take responsibility for EVERYTHING you do.

We have a saying at Training for Warriors - South Metro:

As Much Resistance As Possible (AMRAP)

To truly get the most out of life, you're going to have to endure some uncomfortable times.  You're going to want to quit and go back to what you already know.  You're going to have people laugh at you, tell you you're crazy, and try to tear down your hopes and dreams.  You're going to want to press that snooze button on your alarm clock.  You're going have financial resistance, emotional resistance, physical resistance, psychological resistance - ALL OF IT.

At TFW-South Metro, we believe that the more resistance you have in your life, the better.  More resistance will make you stronger.  More resistance will get you through the tough times and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  More resistance means you are on the path that only a true warrior will follow, a path that when conquered can only inspire others to carve out their own path.

It is time you embrace The Resistance.  Do the things you know are right.  Do the things you know are hard.  Do the things you know are worth it. Everything you accomplish or have accomplished are based on how much you have embraced The Resistance and forged ahead.  Don't settle for easy, convenient, cheap or standard.  You deserve the best.  You deserve YOUR LIFE.  You deserve the gift of AS MUCH RESISTANCE AS POSSIBLE!



Do you have enough Resistance in your life?  Are you finally ready to go all in on yourself and make a change in your life?  Starting September 2nd, TFW-South Metro is launching their 8-Week Warrior Challenge.  It's a program designed specifically to help you build muscle, burn fat, and feel amazing.  No gimmicks, no BS, no diets, no pills, no shaming.  Real results from real coaches who care.  If you are ready to jump right in, fill out the following form so we can contact you in the order submitted.  We are shutting down the 8-Week Challenge after we have selected 14 HIGHLY COMMITTED participants.  Join the Resistance!

Each participant chosen will receive:

- 3 custom training sessions per week at TFW-South Metro
- Custom Nutrition Plan based on YOUR goals and needs
- Monthly coaching strategy sessions to keep you on track
- Before and After pictures
- Measurements
- Private 8-week challenge FB Group for accountability and motivation
- Weekly motivational emails
- TFW Swag Bag
- More energy, confidence, and meaning to go out and do the things in your life that matter!