Everything Matters

The Ripple Effect.  It's that thing you live with 5,000 times a day. It's that thing that got you to where you are at right at this moment.  It's that thing that helped you save for college (or not), bought you a car (or not), got you the body you want (or not), and bonded you tightly to amazing people (or not).

The Ripple Effect is happening right now.  Whatever it is that you're doing will effect what will happen.  What will happen will depend on what you do.

I'm going to tell you a story:

Three and half years ago, there was this salesman.  This salesman was good at what he did but he hated doing it.  He was so good at what he did that his boss didn't care that he carried an "attitude" about him as he worked - because he brought home dollar signs for the company.  He hated it so much that when he got home to his family he would yell at them, ignore them and pretend like all of his "salesman" problems were their problems.

As a result, the family grew apart.  The salesman's kids started to hate him.  The salesman's spouse started to grow uneasy and frustrated.  The ripple effect was taking them head on.  One decision, the decision to take a salesman job, led to anger, led to fighting, led to stress, led to hurt in relationships.  But another decision was made.

The salesman quit his salesman job.  The salesman followed his gut.  The salesman decided that his happiness, his relationships, and his health were more important than some salesman job.  That decision led to another ripple effect.  This new decision led to confusion at first, led to more stress, led to clarity, led to motivation, which ultimately led to commitment.

The salesman left his job

The salesman found a new calling in helping people become better

The salesman learns about stuff he actually cares about

The salesman meets amazing people

The salesman goes through trials, tribulations and stress

The salesman is presented with an opportunity of a lifetime

The once salesman helps launch Training for Warriors - South Metro

The once salesman writes this post

And the story continues...

You see, the ripple effect is everywhere.  If the salesman never quits his job, you would not be reading this.  If you don't read this, you may not find a spark, an "aha" moment to your own life.  Everything you decide, say, do, don't do, commit to, not commit to - MATTERS.  Let me say that again.  EVERYTHING MATTERS.

You can make a decision right now to commit to something that matters to you.  You can get rid of all your excuses and find a way to make it happen one day at a time.  Maybe one thing you do will effect somebody you don't even know or won't even meet.  Maybe some day you'll find out that the work you put in effected so many people in so many ways that you can't even believe you didn't start the ripple effect sooner.

Right now, start acting like everything matters.  Realize that JUST ONE sugar filled food or beverage could be THE ONE that turns on a cancer cell in your body.  Realize that JUST ONE kind word to somebody in need can positively effect a whole generation of families. Realize that JUST ONE day at a time in a movement coaching program could literally change your life.  Realize that you don't have to stay at your miserable job until the grave comes calling, it takes JUST ONE decision to leave and start something you care about.

Realize - everything matters.


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Remember - everything matters