Overweight. Eating McDonald's. Driving a BMW

What do you value? 

If you were given a blank sheet of paper and asked to write down 5 things that you value, what would you write? 

Would the things you write reflect your current state? Many times, the answer is no. 


Yesterday I was working on a nutrition habit profile for a client when I noticed a fancy new BMW pull up to the window right outside our door.  Tinted windows.  Shiny black rims. And a license plate that read, "LVURSLF."  


When the slick car door swung open, a man in his mid 40's (maybe) struggled to squeeze out of his fancy new German import.  He sported a fancy suit, shiny watch, and an empty McDonald's bag.  He then proceded to struggle walking up the steps to enter a local restaurant next door.  A few minutes later he walked out of the restaurant with a take-out bag, squeezed back into his BMW and rolled away.


Every day we are faced with situations that shape our values.  The things we say do not matter when the things we do do not match the things we say.  The man in the BMW was not a bad person.  The man in the BMW may have went through some horrible life event that I would never even think about or understand - so judging somebody based on appearance would not be appropriate. 

But then I thought about it a little longer after he left.

I realized that this story is not uncommon among us these days.  People are afraid to be real with themselves about where they truly are at.  People are scared to exercise.  People are overstimulated with unsustainable eating patterns.  People are not comfortable with anything else than...what they already know and do.  People care a whole lot about what others think. People DO NOT VALUE THEMSELVES.

You see, when you dig down deep into your true self, there is nothing about you that wants to eat poisonous foods, sit on your ass in a cubicle all day, drink on the weekends until you pass out on the kitchen table, ignore the people that care about you, or completely let yourself get so unhappy and so unhealthy that you completely give up on yourself.  Most importantly, no part of our true self cares about what other people think.

If you don't value yourself, you are killing yourself fast.  There is no in between, you're either living or dying, growing or shrinking, getting better or getting worse.


Stop saying "tomorrow."  Stop saying "when I have _______."  Stop saying "it's too late." 

You are worth it.  You are valuable.  You need to start treating yourself this way NOW!

I will be bold when I say if you got to this point in this post and you DON'T reach out to Training For Warriors - South Metro for help in your life, that you don't value yourself as much as you think.  You are scared to try something new ("oh that must just be for fighters" - FALSE).  You care what others think about you.  You believe the lies you tell yourself about not having the time or the money to invest in yourself.

We are ruthlessly committed to helping you become better.  We want to help you.  We want to meet you, hear your story, and lift you up so you can be the best YOU possible.  

The time is now. 


What do you value?



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