Comfort is Killing You

It's easy to go grab a sack full of fast food when...

You would rather not spend and hour or two preparing meals for the week.

It's easy to sit around and watch TV when...

You would rather not get up and go for a walk.

It's easy to hit the snooze button when...

You would rather not face the daily battles you create for yourself.

It's easy to scroll through email and text messages when...

You would rather not spend the time to build a fort and play with your kids.

It's easy to read blogs all about exercise and nutrition when...

You would rather not get your ass off the couch and do some actual work.

It's easy to ignore the people you love when...

You would rather tell them you love them when you feel like it.

It's easy to spend money on crap you don't need when...

You would rather not invest in your yourself right now because you "can't afford it."

It's easy to DO NOTHING when...

You would rather complain about not being good enough or caring what "they" think.


What are you waiting for??

-A Cancer Diagnoses?

-A Heart Attack?

-A Monday through Sunday pill box filled with 28 different medications?

-A sentence to a wheelchair for the rest of your life?

-Complete Financial Ruin?

-The Loss of a Job? 

-A Divorce?

-The Death of a Loved One?

-A Near Death Experience?


ALL OF THESE THINGS CAN & WILL HAPPEN if you don't start mindfully making better choices for your life. The good things are always worth the hard work - vibrant health, amazing friendships, financial independence, love, and freedom - just to name a few.

Guess what?

Eating right should become easier after your doctor tells you that you're going to die in 5 years if you don't shape up

Exercising 3-4 times per week should become easier when you see a family member get put in a wheelchair because their muscles and joints are so weak that they can no longer stand up straight

Telling your spouse and kids that you love them should become easier when they can no longer stand to have you in the same room because you ignore them 24/7

Following a dream and doing what you love should become easier when the company you work(ed) for fires you because of "hardship or budgetary reasons"


DOn't waIT to do the things that ARE PROVEN to make you feel better and live a better quality of life.  DOn't waIT for a complete disaster before you start picking up all of the pieces.

-Invest in your family

-Invest in your health

-Invest in your happiness

-Invest in your future

-Invest in your business

-Invest. Invest. Invest!

Your comfort zone is killing you slowly.  Stop waiting.  It's time to go ALL IN on yourself and do the things that really matter. 

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Eric Parent