Labor of Love - Does Your Gym Have a Triple A Rating?

Thinking of joining a gym this fall? You are in good company.

In 2014, more than 63 million Americans hit the gym, according to The International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association (IHRSA). And as the health club industry continues to grow, you can bet that number will rise.

Obviously there are loads of choices when it comes to finding the right gym. If you are serious about starting a new healthy lifestyle you definitely don’t want to be one of the approximately 80% who will drop out after just the first five months.

Just how do you find the perfect gym to give you the best fitness results? Look for a facility that earns a Triple A rating:

1. Accountability

The power of accountability has been proven to affect everything from exercise and self-restraint to corporate principles. Without the motivation of accountability, exercisers risk a higher drop-out potential.

Look for a culture of accountability with the coaches that goes beyond a high five when you arrive. Find a facility that has a coaching staff as committed to your success as you are. That means:

  • Coaches who are present and engaged with their people
  • Coaches who vary the training to keep you interested and challenged
  • Coaches who go that extra mile to ensure your success

Take note of how the other members behave. Are they supportive of each other? Welcoming to newbies? These are the hallmarks of a highly accountable environment.

2. Access

Do you come in for a workout, get your butt kicked and then leave without ever hearing from

anybody again?  Do you have a hard time getting a question answered from your coach when you're struggling with something in your life?  

A gym membership should offer more than just a place to put in your requisite hour of exercise.  You should also have access to resources, plans, advice and encouragement on a daily basis. The best gym creates a platform for success built on services designed to help you succeed.

3. Association

Taking a group photo after a workout isn't enough.  Having a fancy "community board" with random business cards and advertisements means nothing.  Does your gym feel like a family OR more like a place that you feel obligated to attend because "everybody else is doing it”?  

Joining a gym should be like joining a family. The coaches and members should feel invested in each other as much as they are in themselves. This unique culture exists only at world class facilities (hint. these facilities also get world-class results).

It is possible to find a place that doesn't have barbie dolls and meat heads around every corner. Look for a facility that fosters a sense of belonging and you, a place that not only will challenge you inside the walls, but help you become a better version of you everywhere you go.

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