Attention Warrior Athletes!

When I was younger, I had no real structure other than the next TV show on the schedule or the latest and greatest video game.  I would go outside every now and then to toss the ball around or head to the batting cage.  I was naturally pretty good at whatever sports Ichose to participate in - so I didn't work too hard on my "craft."

Baseball was my thing - I loved it.  We would have weekend tournaments, sometimes traveling 100+ miles to play a couple of games and raise some hell with the team at the local hotel we would stay at.  I would leave it all out on the field, but I never truly felt like I was playing to my potential as an athlete.  If only I had a little structure when I was younger...

As soon as the games were over, I would go sit.  I would plant myself in front of the TV or Nintendo for hours.  I would eat a lot of bad food.  I would stay up late and wake up later.  These were the things I thought kids just did.  Needless to say, I never reached the level I knew I could get to.  If I only knew then what I know now...

Enter...WARRIOR ATHLETE CAMP 2015.  My playing days are long over, but your young athletes' are just beginning.  Warrior Athlete Camp is a great way for youth to take their performance to the next level, along with learning team building skills and skyrocketing their self-esteem.  At TFW-South Metro, our expert coaching team will take these young athletes through a fun, team driven, progressive 8-week program.

They will start to set themselves apart from the competition by focusing on strength training, speed training, and movement efficiency.  They'll learn how to be a better teammate, learn how to eat better, and learn important life skills that will carry over to things other than the playing field.

Registration is now open for Warrior Athlete Camp, and if you act now, you can get 10% off the investment of the 8-week program.  This early bird investment of $390 only runs through Thursday, June 4th - at which time it will increase to the full rate of $435 per athlete.

Full details are on the sign up page. Only 14 spots per age group are available - once they're full, they're full!! So act now!

Click here and scroll down to our YOUTH ATHLETICS programs for details and to register today!

Do you have an entire team interested in a youth athletics program?  If so, please fill out this contact form with subject line TEAM TRAINING.


Bring out the Warrior Within!!


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