6 Unconventional Summer Activities To Test Your Fitness

It's important to have a lifestyle that includes regular training to build strength, lose fat and feel better, but it’s just as important to throw in exercise that doesn't feel like exercise!  Minnesota summers are the perfect outlet to see what all that training has done for you these past few months!

If you are looking to add a little fun and flavor to your summer bucket list, check out these challenging and hella-fun activities in the Twin Cities that will boost your heart rate and your spirits!

1.  Mountain Bike Racing – Never tried it? You are missing out. The Minnesota Mountain Bike Series is a collection of races around the Twin Cities and beyond. The races cover all ages and abilities.

There are even events for fat tire bikes, the newest cycling craze. Try the single track trails and skills course at Buck Hill. Daily tickets are $5. A season pass costs $45.

2.  Rock Climbing – What better way to use all that upper body strength you’ve developed doing chin and pull ups than rock climbing? There is an abundance of programs that take both experienced and novice climbers out for climbing experiences.

Vertical Endeavors is a local company which hosts classes at such beautiful locations as Taylor’s Falls, Minnesota’s North Shore and Devil’s Lake. If you aren’t ready to tackle outside rocks, you can safely learn inside, too.

3.  Recreation Leagues – Step outside your comfort zone and consider joining a recreational league. The Twin Cities are loaded with options. Browse from such activities as:

- Sand Volleyball, Kickball, Softball, and Soccer

You can even round up some friends and participate in team events. If sand volleyball is your favorite, you can also take a look at local restaurants that host leagues, including Lord Fletcher’s on Lake Minnetonka and Bogart’s in Apple Valley.

4.  Kayaking and Canoeing – Get on the water and let your stress wash away while you kayak along some of the more than 69,000 miles of water trails in Minnesota.

You can enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in Minneapolis by kayaking and canoeing on Minnehaha Creek or just above the falls on the Mississippi River. If you don’t have your own craft no need to worry. Rentals are available. Take a look at some of our most popular water trails and then get your paddles ready!

5.  City Running Tours – How much do you really know about Minneapolis? Take one of these running tours and learn interesting facts about the city while you enjoy a relaxed outdoor run.

Minneapolis Running has a load of options for city running tours. Every Saturday you can hook up with a casual group and cruise through the city, or join a planned tour such as the Cherry and Spoon run which highlights the city’s arts and culture. The Beer run is always a perennial favorite, which focuses on Minneapolis’ brewing and night life.

6.  Paddle Board Yoga – If you are game, try the newest fitness trend in the Twin Cities, paddle board yoga. Pretty much any place that offers stand up paddle board rentals and events provides group lessons.

Enthusiasts say that the yoga experience on a paddle board is a fantastic mental and physical practice – perfect work for core stability too! You can find them on Lake Minnetonka and other lakes throughout the Twin Cities.


Make this summer one of outdoor adventure and challenge! You can use the muscles and strength you built in the gym this winter and free your mind with some fun!

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