5 Dangerous Words That Keep You Stuck With the Same Body, Career, and Life

Easy For You To Say…you don’t have kids!

Easy For You To Say…you have good genetics!

Easy For You To Say…you like your career!

Easy For You To Say…you are young!

Easy For You To Say…you are already fit, strong, lean, good looking, (insert adjective here)!

Easy For You To Say…you have money!

Easy For You To Say…you didn’t have x, y, z happen to you!

Easy For You To Say…you have more time!

“Easy For You To Say”

These 5 words are dangerous, and they will keep you stuck.


We’ve all said it.  We’ve all thought it.  We’ve all believed it.

The notion that our own circumstances are “ultra-super-pink-unicorn special” sounds like a nice idea, but in reality is a slap in the face to those who have put in the hard work despite less than ideal circumstances now or in their past.  What gives?!

-Explain the businessmen and women who despite growing up with nothing are now worth millions…

-Explain the full-time working parents who despite having kids to raise and a house to run, still find time to train 4x per week and prep healthy meals…

-Explain the people who despite a crazy schedule, still find time to go to sleep on time…

-Explain the people who quit their unfulfilling jobs to pursue something meaningful despite everybody telling them they were crazy…

The lesson here is not to put you down, but to boost you up!  The moment you realize that you and only YOU are in charge of A) your actions and B) how you react to things you can’t control, will set you free to create the body, the career, and the life you want.

The "Easy For You To Say" Syndrome is keeping you stuck right where you are at.  It's a convenient route to take when we can't tell ourselves the real truth: that we aren't willing to put in the work that these "easy for you to say" people are doing right now. If you are cool with that then you don't have to read any further.  

If, however, you truly are committing to making a change in some aspect of your life, then you need to start talking to yourself differently.  You need to take a real, honest look at where you currently sit in life, and then assess where you actually want to go (thats the fun part).

After you do that, the next step is what stops most people: CONSISTENT WORK.  If you have big aspirations for a better body, it's going to take consistent work.  If you have big aspirations for a fulfilling career, it's going to take consistent work.  If you have big aspirations for a better life, its going to take consistent work - and only YOU can do that work!  Exciting right?!


At Training For Warriors-South Metro, one of our favorite phrases is "Hallussa," which is Finnish for "I Got This."  You see, when people run into a rough patch in their life, they can either push back against the resistance and yell "HALLUSSA!" or run the other way to the same routine.  We believe that if you've read this far, you are ready to take on a challenge in your life, and TFW-South Metro is the best place to bring out that warrior within waiting to be set free.

Right now, through July 15th, we are offering new students to come and check us out risk free for half-off the normal investment.  Space is limited to 12 new students, so if you are ready to get rid of that "EASY FOR YOU TO SAY" mindset, then send us a message with the subject line "Hallussa Summer Special."






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