The Hardest Questions Create The Biggest Results

A few years ago, I realized that part of enhancing my own life was to enhance the lives of others.  When I felt down about myself, lifting up another person oftentimes would help my state and ultimately get me back on track. In reality though, life has so many moving parts that can't be explained in a book, blog, podcast, or even multiple conversations. There is no such thing as "the way" to anything.

But there are questions that can put you on the path to the person you were always created to be, getting you to finally DO the things you were created to DO.

These questions are simple.

I will warn you...these questions are REALLY HARD to answer.

These questions have the potential to change your physical health, mental health, relationships, financial habits, career direction, and everything in between.  How do I know?  I'm living proof.  I know others who are living proof.

I also know this...if you aren't truthful in the answers to these questions - it doesn't matter.  Be real and tell the truth.  If you do, the clarity you'll find will give you that first action step - which ultimately can transform you life!

Question #1 - Where am I currently? (physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, etc.)

Question #2 - Where do I want to go? (no BS here. What do you want to look like, feel like, act like, be with, have, be, and do?)

Question #3 - WHY do I want these things? (WHY do they actually matter to you?)

Question #4 - What is currently holding me back to getting these things?

Question #5 - What type of person would I have to become to get XYZ? 

Question #6 - What would have to change in my life to get closer to XYZ each day?

Question #7 - What is the FIRST step I could take today?

Answer these questions and email them to - we'd love to hear from you and how we can help!  You got this!


More questions - WHY haven't you taken that first step for your physical health yet?  What fears do you have and are they REAL or a delay tactic?  The first step is here....January Challenge 



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