Best Year Ever? 4 Words You Need To LOSE In The New Year

Another year ends and now a new year is upon us and if you are like 40% of Americans you’ve got a resolution or two you’re ready to make.

Well, we here at TFW South Metro have some life-changing advice:

Forget it. 

While resolving to achieve a goal moves us from the contemplation stage to the action stage, the way you interpret the words involved in making that goal happen may make all the difference in whether you are still at it six months down the road.

Want to experience success in creating and continuing a healthy lifestyle in 2018?  Here are four words you need to LOSE today:


Resolution – “The act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.” Making a resolution helps you create a course of action but oftentimes resolving to do something doesn’t have the same heft as making a commitment.

Why? Because when you make a commitment you make a pledge, a promise, an obligation. You are investing your personal credibility into the process. You are promising that you will achieve that goal. You are going to do everything possible to make it happen - - regardless of the obstacles that WILL SHOW UP.


Diet - If you have ever trained for any type of endurance event you’ve probably noticed immediately that these athletes have a different vocabulary from the rest of people who work out. They don’t talk about diet or depriving oneself. Rather they talk about nutrition.

If you are going to attempt a 50 mile bike ride, for example, your coach or cycling buddies will ask about what kind of nutrition you have before, during and after the bike. People who test their bodies know that without the right kind of nutrition, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Forget the emphasis on diet and re-train your mind to think about what is the optimal nutritional fuel you can put in your machine to achieve your goals.


Exercise – A dreaded word for some and overused by most. Exercise can mean as little as the walk to the mailbox, gardening, or housework. 

But if you want to achieve the goal in which you have invested your personal credibility, you must participate in a training system. You have to undertake a specific course of workouts, combined with nutrition and lifestyle choices to create a successful training process. 

Training doesn’t mean you start showing up at the gym for a few weeks, cut out the cookies and hope for the best. 

Training means you devote yourself with “intent and integrity,” to build competency, according to best-selling author Stephan M. R. Covey. 

“Competency is a combination of capabilities and results. When one states their intent and follows through with it, the actions increase the character side of credibility. If their actions create the result they want, it increases competency side.”

This builds the goal-smashing weapon Covey describes as “self-trust.” With self-trust you can go beyond your initial goals. You can create a whole new reality.

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Result – In the realm of performance management, corporations are constantly striving to improve the bottom line. For years, organizations created a culture of achieving a single-minded goal. The focus was on “real” results. 

But the newest approach to corporate performance management shifts the emphasis to the process. Companies who have experienced continued success over recent years have shown that enduring behavior eclipses outcomes in the long term.

Behavior based on individual credibility and supported by a culture of encouragement and support is the basis for a mindset of success. 

It isn’t a hodge-podge of actions scrambled together to produce a hoped-for goal. It is a character-induced lifestyle that is filled with both physical and mental rewards.

How are you going to create your own success in 2018? While you are the main driver of your journey, you should find a place that acts as a prod and safety net at the same time.  Apply Now for the 8 Week Transformation Program - - designed to create lasting habits with a life-changing community of people.  

Here's to the BEST YEAR EVER.









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