3 Things To Do When You're New to Training

We are already over a month into the New Year and you may still be on the right track with your new way of moving, eating, and living. Take a second to congratulate yourself! By just staying the course this long, you’ve beat some monumental odds – on average, people have given up 4 times on their fitness resolutions in the past.

Keeping in mind that nearly half of all Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, take a look at the fitness resolution landscape:

  • Fitness & diet related goals make up 66% of resolutions
  • 73% of people give up before accomplishing their goal
  • One in three give up on their goal before the end of January


We know it’s not easy to keep on the path to a new goal – no matter when you set them. The realm of excuses, rationalizations and lost momentum affects us all.  There are, however, some things you can do about it!

1. Find a great supporting cast of people - Beginning an exercise program can be incredibly challenging. It may be out of your comfort zone, you might have ambivalent feelings about the time and energy you’ll need to spend. You name it, the obstacles are everywhere.

It’s also not easy to join a new group. Walk into a gym and see how many strangers come and congratulate you on your choice for health. Yet imagine how inspiring it would be if someone actually did.

Look for programs that encourage support and motivation amongst fellow exercisers. There are a few places where the first day you walk in you are greeted by coaches and athletes alike, no matter your age or ability.

If you are a regular, take a moment to encourage a new person. Learn their name. Give them a high five. The elixir of being part of something bigger than yourself is some of the best medicine around.

Warrior Super Shake anyone?

Warrior Super Shake anyone?

2. Start ONE positive eating habit TODAY -  None of us can avoid the fact that the food we put into our body is the #1 determining factor of our overall health.  When you start a new training program, finding ONE THING you can add to your current eating plan can take you far.

Start thinking about food in a new way. Knowing that your magnificent body needs high-quality sources for the best results, it's important to prepare food around your busy schedule. Even if you've been training for a long time, it's vital to feed your body high quality proteins, fats, and slow digesting carbohydrates to ensure top notch performance, energy, and yes - even happiness levels!  So what is ONE THING you can do today?

  • Drink 1 ice cold glass of water after waking
  • Include 1-2 fist sized serving of vegetables with every meal. Need some new ways to get your veggies?  Check it out here!
  • Try a new Warrior Super Shake recipe every week!
  • Eat slowly and stop when you are 80% full

Oh, and one more thing - don't come in and train on an empty stomach!

3. Be realistic - Let's face it.  There is a lot of information out there telling you what you should and shouldn't do when it comes to diet and exercise.  When we listen to all of these sources coming in a thousand different directions, it is very easy to become frustrated when things don't fall into place as quickly or as they "should."  Ignore what SHOULD happen and actively embrace what IS happening on your journey.

How do you stay away from the trap of unrealistic goals? Broaden your scope. The effects of a new way of nutrition and training affects more than just your waistline.

Want to get an idea of how your whole body responds to your new lifestyle? Get a blood panel test. You can do this at your doctor’s office or other clinics and see the landscape of your overall health.  Then track the results every six months.

In addition, realizing that the extra weight you put on over time will come off in a similar fashion.  Just because you gained 30 lbs of unwanted body fat over 3 years doesn't mean that it's going to come off in 3 weeks!  Add some new parameters to your objectives. You want to sleep better, eat better and lift more. You want to walk or run longer or faster. You want to feel more pep in your step at the end of the day.  That is progress too!

Remember, your health is a lifelong journey. Step out of your comfort zone to find a gym that embraces you for who you uniquely are and you’ll have a great start to a fantastic voyage.

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