No More Waiting

Today is my first full day being 30 years young.  It's feels a little weird, maybe because 30 is a "big deal" in our culture or because I woke up this morning with creaky sounding joints (ok that was the wooden floor).  The biggest thing I've been given over the last year, and especially hitting a milestone birthday is more perspective on life.

Many people reading this don't know me, won't know me, or don't care to know me personally.  That used to stop me from writing content that I feel could help somebody.  I would say to myself, "who's going to care if I write something? I'm not a famous writer/blogger!  Maybe I'll just keep it in a journal."

Now as I look back, there were a lot of instances that held me back from really going for it all.   

-"I'm just waiting for the perfect book to inspire me to do great things" 

-"I'm just waiting for the perfect scientific nutrition study to start practicing with myself and my clients"

-"I'm just waiting until I turn 15, 20, 25, 30 years old to do ________________" 

-"I'm just waiting until I have this much money in my bank account" 

 -"I'm just waiting until I get approval from somebody else"

-"I'm just waiting until my kids listen to me before I start being nice" 

-"I'm just waiting until Monday, or until I feel better" 

-"I'm just waiting until my name is more known before I create bigger and better things!"

Life lessons are powerful.  Usually we don't realize it until something really bad or really good happens, which makes us come crashing back down to reality.  Reality is this - you don't have to wait for permission to do or be anything or anybody

   "You don't have to wait for permission to do or be anything or anybody"

98% of people die waiting for permission, bringing their biggest gifts, greatest adventures, wildest dreams, and God-given potential with them to their grave-site.  People are brought up thinking that authority is required to go for the thousands of things we think about everyday, all while we continue to wait for the perfect time.

Let me tell you that the perfect time is NOW - no matter what it is.  You can say, "oh well, I have XYZ going on! You just don't get it!"

Stop lying to yourself.  Fear has taken over your mind long enough. No more waiting!


-NO MORE WAITING until Monday to start eating food that will consistently nourish your body.  Start doing one thing differently now!

-NO MORE WAITING until that book comes out to inspire you.  Get inspired and re-write your own story! 

 -NO MORE WAITING until you feel confident enough to join a new gym or to start going for walks outside.  Start something now and then maybe you'll feel more confident!

-NO MORE WAITING until you have enough time, money, or energy to pour yourself into you passions.  The world is waiting for you.  The world needs your gifts! 

-NO MORE WAITING until the new year to write down you goals, create an action plan, and do ONE LITTLE THING everyday to make it happen.  Action breeds results!

-NO MORE WAITING to be uniquely YOU.  People are going to question you no matter what you do, so you might as well do things that mirror your true self!


Permission is not required to be great and strive for great things.  The term "great" means different things to different people, meaning only YOU get to determine what is great in your mind.  Maybe it's spending 30 minutes per day going for a walk.  Maybe it's making your kids laugh everyday.  Maybe it's competing in your first marathon or completing your first pull-up.  Maybe it's cooking your own meals during the week.  Maybe it's building a self-sustaining business.  That is not for anybody but you to decide.

No More Waiting. 


Where in your life have you been waiting for permission to be great?  Is it in your relationships?  Is it in your bank account?  Is it with your eating habits?  It is with your energy and exercise habits?  One of the most powerful first steps you can take is ask for help.  At TFW-South Metro, we have helped countless people re-write the trajectory of their life.  From never working out in their life, to encouraging others to "show up on time!"  From yo-yo dieting to a life-long journey to learning what works for them in their eating habits.  

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Eric Parent