Debit or Credit?

My favorite part of updating my checkbook is when I make a deposit - no matter how big or small it may be.  It's a sign that I did something to earn value in return.  It's a sign that I'm on the right track.  Most importantly, it shows me that I can do it again.

Why can't our health be treated the same way?  Months ago I saw a picture drawn up on a gym's whiteboard that floored me.  It was brilliant.  It was basically a picture of a checkbook, one side for debits (withdrawls) and the other for credits (deposits).

Each debit or credit pertained to health, fitness, recovery, enjoyment, and life fulfillment.  When you did something on the "healthier" spectrum, you got to make a deposit into your healthy checkbook.  When you did something on the "not-so-healthy" spectrum, you guessed it, the balance went down.

This one little drawing changed my mindset, which ultimately made me more aware of what I was eating, how much I was sleeping, how much I was doing stuff I loved, how much I was training, and when I was recovering.

We made a scale of our own.  Get out your notebook and start recording your debits and credits every day - it will work wonders!

Credits (Good)

-8 hours of sleep = +5 (7 nights X 5) = +35 possible points per week

-Strength Training session = +5 (up to 15 points per week)  **Bonus, add +5 points if outside**

-Conditioning Session = +4 (up to 12 points per week)  **Bonus, add +5 points if outside**

-Recovery day = +10 points (up to 30 points per week)

-Eating a fist sized serving of vegetables = +2 (unlimited points)

-Eating a palm sized serving of protein at each meal = +5 (7 days X 5) = +35 possible points per week

-Eating a cupped palm sized serving of organic berries = +3 (7 days X 3) = +21 possible points per week

-Chiropractor / Massage / Acupuncture / 20 minute nap / Ice Bath = +8 for any of these (up to 54 points per week)

-Taking a walk on your lunch break = +10 points

-Reading for 30 minutes = +10 (unlimited points)

-Journaling = +5

-Meditation for 10 minutes = +5 (up to 35 points per week)


Debits (not so good)

-Less than 8 hours of sleep = -10 points

-Less than 2 strength training sessions per week = -20 points

-More than 4 conditioning sessions per week = -20 points

-Eating anything on the naughty list (doughnuts, ice cream, soda, white bread products, cookies, Frappuchinos, french fries, etc.) = -5 points per occurrence

-Eating fast food = -15 points per occurrence

-Drinking more than 2 cups of coffee per day = -10 points

-Drinking an alcoholic beverage = -4 points per drink

-Smoking = -30 points per day

-More than 2 hours per day on the TV / surfing the internet / playing video games = -20 points

-Being inside ALL DAY = -15 points


This list is just the beginning!  If you have a thought or suggestion to add to the list, feel free to post in the comments below!  When you actually start paying attention to your health, you can make better decisions which will lead to better results.  Start recording your daily balance and share it with us!


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