How Much vs. How Good

Life is stressful when we choose to run in 20 different directions.  The caffeine seems to stop working as well as it did before, and we are left in a constant state of struggle, frustration, and ego-driven behavior.  The things we used to be passionate about wear off and turn into a job - something that suffocates the true person you were meant to be.  I believe we become stuck, not because of the actions we are taking, but foremost because of the questions we are asking that eventually lead to the actions we are taking.

We need to start asking ourselves better questions.

Working with the myriad of personalities over the years has taught me that the most successful, whether it be in health, fitness, wealth, family, happiness, or personal satisfaction, that these individuals ask themselves REALLY GOOD questions!  They expect a lot out of themselves, and the quality of their result(s) ultimately begins with real raw truth behind their questions.

Today I want to get you thinking differently about Quantity vs. Quality - two components that seem to lean heavily on the Quantity side of the equation these days.  To put it into real life context, I made you a list of these questions to ask yourself "which question is ultimately going to make me more successful with what I say I want to accomplish in this life?"


Time for the "How Much vs. How Good" Audit:

1.  Am I more concerned with How Much weight I lift in the gym OR How Good I lift the weight?

2.  Am I more concerned with How Much food I can buy at the grocery store OR How Good the food is for my health?

3.  Am I more concerned with How Much the scale says I weigh OR How Good I feel about myself?

4.  Am I more concerned with How Much sleep I get OR How Good of sleep I get?

5.  Am I more concerned with How Much time I spend at work or on a project OR How Good the results are when all is said and done?

6.  Am I more concerned with How Much "stuff" I have (cars, houses, trinkets) OR How Good my stuff and/or experiences make me feel on a daily basis?

7.  Am I more concerned with How Much money I have in my bank account OR How Good my money does when it comes to helping others, investing, and building a life that I design?

8.  Am I more concerned with How Much I impress people OR How Good I treat other people?

9.  Am I more concerned with How Much I "still have to do" on my to-do list OR How Good my actions have been today to take me closer to my goals?

You see, the "How Much" question requires our ego to get involved, oftentimes setting us up for frustration from comparison and delay.  The ego makes us feel like we are more important than we actually are, robbing us of the chance to take a step back and look at the big picture of what will actually propel us forward.  The "How Good" question on the other hand focuses whole-heartedly on doing BETTER.  It takes away the perceptions of others and allows us to get to work on the things that matter most for our growth and development.

-If you want to progress in the gym, stop trying to impress people with big numbers.  Focus on the process and the progression that fits YOU.

-If you want to eat better and improve your health, stop overcomplicating ("How Much stuff can I do...") and focus on the basics.  Drink your water.  Eat lean proteins, vegetables, and high quality fats CONSISTENTLY.  Then, turn off Netflix and go to bed!

-If you want to improve the quality of the results of your career, stop looking for things to do and start doing ONLY the things that really matter.

-If you want to improve your relationships, invest time in other people's interests to help them learn and grow.  Investing time to make other people better pays you back 100X over!

Today you have a choice to keep walking on the same path thats gets you the same results OR you can choose to veer off and go the other way, which oftentimes will require you to ask better questions (like the ones above).  Which question will you ask?

We each have the power to change directions, course correct, and persist in the face of resistance - which is exactly what we teach the students at Training For Warriors-South Metro.  Check us out on our Facebook page and drop us a line!



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