Warrior Spotlight - - Gina "The Hoff"

We've said it countless times about Training For Warriors: the PEOPLE are what make this program special, and this person you get to meet today is no exception.  In fact, her spirited personality and go-getter attitude should remind us all that it's never too late to change, that we're never too busy to go after what we want, and that it's not hard to lift somebody else up.

Like many of our warriors, Gina showed up and put in the time, and her incredible results thus far are a testament to taking it one day at a time while helping boost the moods of everybody around her.  When we help others, the help comes back to us!

Meet Gina Hoff:


It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself, even if you think it is! 

In school, I wasn’t involved in athletics, unless you count my one season playing 7th grade tennis and a couple years of t-ball/softball in elementary school.  Phy-ed class was the extent of my physical activity and it was only because it was a required course.  I did join a gym shortly out of high school, but didn’t really have any direction, accountability or results.  Once my membership was up, that was the last time I stepped foot in a gym for over 20 years.

Fast forward through the years and a little upon a little of pounds became a lot of pounds.  Just like most people, I would make a new year’s resolution to lose weight.  

When a week of the treadmill or elliptical in the basement didn’t make the scale budge I would quit. 

While cost and time were some of the reasons for not joining a gym sooner, a bigger reason for me was that it was completely out of my comfort zone.   I wouldn’t know what to do and I thought people would be judging my abilities or lack thereof.  


Last spring, I came across TFW's 8 Week Challenge post shared on facebook by my friend, Jenny Miller.  I probably spent a week contemplating filling out the form.  I read some stories on TFW South Metro’s website and also sent a message to Jenny asking if a 40 year old who hasn’t seen a gym in 20 years would be out of place there.  She assured me that there was a variety of ages and ability levels there and I would not be out of place.  So I did it.  I filled out the form.  First step done!  Shortly after submitting the form, Coach Reid sent me a text to set up a time to check the place out.  It’s a good thing he sent a text instead of calling, because I probably wouldn’t have answered the phone.  I went the next morning to check it out.  

I chuckled to myself when he asked if I had any questions….I wouldn’t even know what to ask since I have no idea about any of this stuff!  

I signed up right then and there.  Had I gone home to "think about it," I definitely would have not done it.  Sign me up now before I chicken out!  Step 2 done.

Step 3, showing up.  The first night of class I was super uncomfortable as I sat waiting for it to start. “Will I even be able to bench press the bar?  I haven’t tried to do that since high school.” So many doubts were going through my head.  As uncomfortable as I was, I survived my first class with the help and encouragement of the coaches and people there.  That night I had a facebook friend request from Debbie Larson.  I sent her a message thanking her for her help and she said, “Circuit tomorrow, I’ll see you there, right?”  


As much as I maybe wanted to skip that next day instead of possibly being uncomfortable, Debbie was expecting me so I had to go.  

She took me under her wing that day and showed me how to do everything as we moved through the circuit.  Later that week was a “hurricane”.  As I was the last person to finish, Debbie got down on the ground and rocked out the last set with me while everyone else cheered me on.  As uncomfortable as it was to have all eyes on me, it was also super awesome at the same time to have so much support!

I had originally signed up thinking the 8-week challenge would give me the jump-start I needed to see results and give me the motivation I needed to continue on my own at home. What I found after 8 weeks, is that I actually like to work out and look forward to that part of my day.  The coaches and people at TFW are ridiculously supportive and I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.  Over 4 months later, I have lost fat and gained muscle, but what I am most proud of is that I walked through the door and kept coming back!  

As a teacher, I ask my students to do things that are maybe a bit scary for them and to step outside of their comfort zone.  Practice what you preach, teach!  The only way to get better is to get comfortable being uncomfortable!


Just like Gina did, you can take that first step and apply for our 8 Week Warrior Challenge program.  There are just 4 spots left and this program will sell out!  If you are tired of being tired, tired of not feeling like yourself, or just want to overall feel better - NOW is the time to apply today!

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