WARRIOR SPOTLIGHT - - Crystal Anderson

Not all transformations are of the physical nature.  Some transformations may just change EVERYTHING.

One of the most dangerous things you can say is "I ALREADY KNOW THAT" when you are looking to make any kind of change.  As you'll see on this 1st ever edition of our WARRIOR SPOTLIGHT, Crystal Anderson out of Savage Minnesota walked into TFW-South Metro with an open mind and willingness to get uncomfortable.  Now, she is spreading the resistance everywhere and she's proof that CHANGING YOUR MIND CAN CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF YOUR LIFE!


In Crystal's words...
I've always been an "all or nothing" type of person, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. Back in my 20s, I enjoyed every type of exercise; from circuit training, long-distance cycling, cardio and maybe a few weights here and there. 
My love for fitness and exercise became an obsession for a few years. I was logging in 2-hour long workouts on most days, and taking a rest day was hard for me. Often times, I would work out through injuries and any pains I was experiencing. I was counting every calorie I ate, weighing myself every day, and adding up all of the calories burned on my heart rate watch. 
I was never content with the way I looked and always felt like I needed to do more.
I was miserable and unhealthy.  Eventually, when I got into endurance road biking, my adrenals became shot, leaving my energy depleted and my moods unstable.  In my early 30's, I started to fuel my body properly by eating more of the healthy foods I had already been eating. I knew I needed to lift more weights and find a balance with my cardio obsession. I tried doing my own thing for a while, which led to frustration and not being consistent with weight training or a routine.
This all changed when I decided to check out TFW-South Metro in June 2015.
After trying out each class after a week or so, I was amazed at the variety of each class. It was everything I needed for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. We had days of strength training, speed training, endurance, and mobility. It was challenging, and so much fun!
After a couple weeks, I decided to go ALL IN and become a permanent student at TFW-South Metro. My "all or nothing" personality trait had finally steered me in the right direction.  I've been at TFW consistently for a year and a half now.  Within the first 6 months, I dropped body fat, gained lean muscle and strength...along with energy to support my busy career!! I am physically stronger than ever...but most importantly MENTALLY stronger than I've ever been!
Being part of a program that focuses on strength, form, and functional movement has changed my whole mind set. I no longer focus on the "aesthetic" part of fitness or obsess over a number on the scale. I focus on getting stronger, setting another personal best, and consistently fueling my body with nutritious foods. 
It has created such a positive and wonderful balance in my life!
I've also realized how much strength COMMUNITY brings! Being part of the "Familia" and being surrounded by like-minded individuals has brought me encouragement, confidence and motivation to continue to grow personally and in my professional life.
The support and accountability from the coaches and our "Familia" is awesome! I've never once dreaded to walk in that door, because I know there is always a coach to encourage and challenge me through every workout. This is not just a "gym" or a place to train. We do LIFE together!! We share our strengths and weaknesses, encourage each other, and celebrate our PR's!! We are "ALL IN" this journey together... we are a T.E.A.M.-- and Together Everyone Achieves More.

Crystal Anderson, Warrior since 2015

-Super talented stylist and national educator at Babe Hair Extensions


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