5 Ways To Help You Consume The Almighty Vegetable


You've heard it from your mom.  You've heard it from your grandmother and maybe even your great grandmother.

"You know you really need to eat your vegetables!"

Although they were absolutely right, just knowing that you need to consume something because it's "healthy" doesn't necessarily make it easier to actually do it.  You probably need a little more than information.  You need some strategies.

For many, adding vegetables into their diet is one of the hardest habits to stick with.  We become sick of the bland taste when we don't mix things up a bit, or we would just rather go for the convenient (albeit less healthy) version.

If your favorite vegetable is French fries, chances are you don’t often browse in the produce section. There are dozens of delicious veggies just waiting to be brought home and added to your daily eating habits.



Check out these 5 strategies that just may put the spin you need to make vegetables a staple in your eating plan:

1. Find a New Vegetable Every Week

Of course you can go to the old standbys of salad ingredients to boost your vegetable intake but you can get creative with vegetables as tasty side dishes, too. Commit to trying one new vegetable a week. Ask your friends for recipes and have fun experimenting.

Even someone who is desperately against Brussels sprouts may just find that a recipe focused on great flavor can make these power-packed cabbage cousins a new favorite.

2. Challenge Yourself to Add a Vegetable to Each Meal

Every little bit helps when adding vegetables to your daily routine. If you aren’t used to veggies in the morning try a fresh vegetable omelet to start your day right.

You can add any number of vegetables such as:

  • Onions
  • Bell peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes & Avocados (technically fruits)
  • Spinach

Add some carrots to your lunch, snack on peanut butter on celery and toss some peppers and onions in a Ziploc bag with salad dressing then grill them for dinner.


3. Make it Fun

If cooking isn’t your thing there are lots of easy ways to prepare vegetables. You can even get your kids in on the fun. Remember that veggie omelet you’re going to try for breakfast? Check out this super easy and fun recipe that you can make anywhere from at home to on a campfire.

4. Become a Leafy Green Aficionado

You can branch out of salad boredom in even the simplest of ways. Take a break from romaine or lettuce and experiment with tasty alternatives such as spinach, arugula and microgreens.

Consider adding kale to your salad. You can go beyond the typical kale-in-a-bag and find varieties like Curly, Red Russian or Dinosaur kale to bring a delicious twist to your standby salad.


5. Play Hide and Seek


Not everyone has the taste bud affinity for vegetables but this shouldn’t stop you from adding them to your meals. There are hundreds of recipes that incorporate vegetables and soften their flavors. In fact, when you add vegetables to dishes you’re likely to boost the essences of other ingredients.

Add peppers, onions or mushrooms to your sauces or stews. Try healthy pasta recipes that use quinoa or black beans for the pasta and incorporate spinach and tomatoes for great flavor and a punch of essential nutrients.

Our monthly practice of choose one, lose one is a great way to revamp your diet and stay on track toward your fitness goals. Choose a new approach to vegetables and you’ll discover that your veggie avoidance is a habit that you’ll want to lose forever.

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