Warrior Spotlight - - Jaime Sly

Every single person comes to Training For Warriors looking for some kind of transformation.  Each one of these people has their own unique backstory that shapes their thoughts and actions moving forward, but what most people don't realize is that the place you sit in RIGHT NOW is an opportunity waiting to happen.  It's an opportunity to decide that you want something different.  It's an opportunity to to commit to a course of action.  And then ultimately, it becomes a pretty awesome story about how you changed the thoughts in your mind, the strength of your body, and the power of your spirit.  

Check out this awesome mind, body and spirit transformation of Jaime Sly, one of TFW-South Metro's rockstar students!


I've always been skinny. I've always been little. I've never been athletic. I've never been strong.

My biggest struggle has been that while I have never struggled with weight, I was consistently weak in everything I did. My siblings were both star athletes and I backed out, stayed un-engaged, didn't "care", focused on my studies, and told myself at least I don't struggle with weight gain. But it was such a joke because I still felt and was very weak and it affected my self confidence in all aspects of my life.  I was unhealthy, tired, crabby, and felt sorry for myself. A bad combination! I knew that I need some discipline and goals to redirect.

I eventually started to get into races and even ran a couple of marathons prior to having my daughter but I was looking for something more permanent, well rounded, and a place I felt at home. I was looking for something that encouraged me without shaming me. Something that was positive and flexible with my family and crazy work and travel schedule.

A friend suggested Training For Warriors and I scoffed that it was in a line of fitness fads but decided to try it.  

I am so glad I did! I am completely amazed at my transformation. I'm stronger than I have ever been and I've found a place that many times feels more like home. Not only is my body stronger but I'm more confident and disciplined than I have ever been.  Every single day I feel inspired to keep trying to push the envelope with what I can do. I have the energy and confidence now to tackle a demanding job and family. Every day I go to work refreshed and ready to jump in to the hardest and most complex problems and instead of being tired, frustrated, or foggy, I have renewed energy. What an amazing feeling!  The coaches and fellow students at TFW-South Metro have made more impact and touched me in a way nothing else has. I'm definitely TFW4LIFE!

Jaime's top 3 tips that helped her transform:

1. I showed up.  It's so much easier to think of it this way than to stress about what I might have to make my body do. Just show up and trust the process!

2. I reminded myself over and over that it takes at least 7 weeks to establish a habit. I knew if I could make it through that first 7 weeks it would be harder to quit than keep going!

3. I made friends and put myself out there. Early class is hard and I'm very introverted so all my social energy is spent at work but talking to the familia made me realize how wonderful of a support group is there.  Shout out to my 5:30am breakfast club!


Jaime is proof that although we may have thoughts of what WE AREN'T, showing up and giving it all we got is the best medicine to show us what WE ARE!  We are so proud of you Jaime and everything you have accomplished so far!  Many great things to come for you and your family!

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