When A Fitness Program Is A Bad Idea...

Humans are amazing creatures.

They have skydived from 120,000 feet above the earth, ran 1-mile in 3 minutes and 43 seconds, and even free swam from Cuba to Florida (at 64 years of age, mind you).

These amazing feats of physical strength, mental fortitude, and spiritual purpose leave "regular people" like you and I to question such feats.  Are these people just crazy "super-freaks-of-nature?"  Could I do that?  Do I want to do that? 

Are they super-freaks-of-nature?...most likely

Could you do these things?...unlikely but maybe

Would you want to do these things?...probably NOT (!)

There is a good chance that your life could still be pretty good if you didn't jump out of space, sprint around a track in less than 4 minutes, or swim in shark and jellyfish infested waters from one country to another.

But what if you're not OK with a "pretty good" life?  What if being average or normal screams at you to go the other direction?  I've been there...

You see, a fundamental human driver (even if we are unwillingly to admit it) is to GROW.  I have not met one person in my time on earth that was not looking to grow in some aspect in their life - growth in their bank account, growth in their relationships, growth in their health and fitness, growth in their purpose.  


People see where they currently are, then etch out in their mind where they want to go.  

Then the most important step: they take the necessary actions to get to where they want to go.

Being as passionate about health and fitness as we are here at Training For Warriors-South Metro, it used to boggle my mind when I would talk to people who weren't as passionate about growing in that aspect of their life as I was.  I couldn't believe that they couldn't see regular training, quality sleep, and sustainable eating as a part of their life.  

But I am not them and they are not me.  I let it go.

Not everybody wants what I want.  Not everybody wants to grow in the areas that I want to grow.  Not everybody wants or recognizes at this point in their life that training and good food can dramatically improve the quality of their experience on this ball of mud.  And that is OK!

So when is a fitness program, THIS FITNESS PROGRAM, a bad idea???

Training at TFW-South Metro is a bad idea if:

- You are not committed to GROWTH in your mind, body, and spirit

- You are not committed to GROWTH in the way you currently see yourself

- You are not committed to GROWTH when things get uncomfortable mentally and physically (which is where the magic happens!)

- You are not committed to GROWTH through enlightenment - meaning you're not willing to count the small wins along the path to a new version of yourself

- You are not committed to taking the necessary actions to GROW!

We love the people at Training For Warriors - but we've learned over the past few years that it is not for everybody.  This is neither good nor bad, but I will have you consider something...

If you are reading this, it shows that you ARE looking for growth in this cornerstone area of health and fitness (people that don't care would't even read it!)

Maybe it's Training For Warriors, maybe it's something else you want to try - either way, we've seen as coaches that a committed approach (one step at a time) to training and eating has literally created new lives, which has changed families and households forever.  IT CAN CHANGE AND SAVE YOUR LIFE.

You might not see it yet, but our job as coaches is to paint that new person you are committed to becoming, along with giving you the proven action steps to get there.

We think it's a GREAT IDEA to start training - even if you're busy...but the ball is ultimately in your court.  Who would you have to become to get the mind, body, and spirit you picture having?

If you think a fitness program is a good idea...click here to schedule your FREE strategy session with one of our coaches to see if it is in fact a GREAT IDEA for you to get started!


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