Believe it

Yesterday I watched the movie Wall Street. I was on a flight home from Florida, and I was decompressing after 3 days of intense speakers telling us to get real about ourselves and wake up (I'm awake now).

The movie Wall Street features the young and hungry investment banker Bud Fox (played by Charlie Sheen) and billionaire money shark Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas). Although the movie is a horrible example on how to look at life (money, money, money), there was one quote that holds true to all aspects of life:

"Every battle is won before it's ever fought."

Even though some people have different values, needs or wants, each person who has ever achieved their current state of success or lack thereof has started with BELIEF.  

-If you BELIEVE that you deserve and will have the best, most exciting, intimate, open and honest relationship with your spouse and kids, your actions and attitude will have no choice but to start aligning with that BELIEF

-If you BELIEVE that you can be healthy, lean, happy and live the life that you imagine, your actions and attitude will shift to make it happen no matter what. It all starts with BELIEF

The sad part is, most people believe the wrong things. We don't think we can have amazing health, relationships, experiences, wealth, and freedom. We believe a host of lies, and it literally kills us before we are even dead.  We need a new mindset, a new outlook on life, and a set of beliefs that will turn our actions into desirable results.

Personally, I used to think that my relationship with my wife and kids would get better if I just tried harder.  The problem was that I kept trying the same things.  I would yell without thinking.  I would blame everybody for everything.  I would hide from my pain by immersing myself in social media, TV or food.  I USED TO BELIEVE THAT THINGS WOULD GO WRONG.

And they did - 100% of the time.

So I decided to wake up.  I realized that my belief about relationships needed to change or I was going somewhere fast that I didn't want to go.  So I changed my beliefs.  I started listening before exploding at people.  I started sharing what was really on my mind instead of sedating it with BS.  I turned my damn phone off when people were trying to engage with me.  I STARTED BELIEVING THAT THINGS WOULD GET BETTER AND THAT I WAS THE BEST DAMN SPOUSE AND PARENT ON EARTH.

And things started to change.

I have a challenge for you.  Grab a napkin, notebook, or your computer.  Pick 1 part of your life that you know needs to change.  From your health, fitness, relationships, bank account, or business - pick 1 and start writing out everything you currently believe.  Be honest, be real, and let it all out.  Once you get it all out, make another column and write down the beliefs needed to make your desires come to fruition. 

What do you really want?  Do you want to make $1,000,000?  Do you want to have the best marriage on the planet?  Do you want unlimited energy and superior health?  Do you just want to feel better?  Write it down.

Keep that list with you every day.  Read it everyday.  Most importantly - LIVE IT EVERYDAY.  Just having a pretty list in your pocket won't change a thing if all you ever do is read it.  You need to do it.


Yours in Health,

TFW-South Metro Crew



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