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Training For Warriors L2 Coach, Owner of TFW-South Metro

Eric has a way of getting people fired up.  His knack for motivating people to do better than what they currently think as "normal" is what makes him one of the elite coaches in Minnesota.  He understands that every person walking through the door is a potential life changing opportunity - and life changing opportunities require big responsibility.

Eric has been through countless fitness training systems over his 9.5 year Personal Training career but fell head over heels for the Training For Warriors system. The uncompromising philosophy made sense to him, the coaching was world-class, and the results were simply amazing!  When you talk with Eric (EP), you'll understand why he is so passionate about Training For Warriors and how it can literally change lives.

Eric currently resides in Shakopee, Minnesota with his wife Julie and his lovable pitbull Pete.  He is an unapologetic  Packer fan (don't judge him) and loves his coffee black. His lifelong dream is to star alongside Aaron Rogers in a State Farm commercial.

BS-Exercise Science-Fitness, Training For Warrior L2, NASM-CPT

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Training For Warriors L2 Coach, Nutrition Coach & Co-owner of TFW-South Metro

Reid is obsessed with movement and adventure - things he lacked when he worked in corporate America.  Since hanging up his tie, Reid has made it his mission to help people break free of a life hampered by expectation, lack of movement, poor eating, and predictability.   He believes that everybody has that little kid inside; that person who seeks movement, exploration and fun in everything that they do.

Reid has a deep conviction that your best life is up for grabs if you choose to move more, eat better, and do the things that challenge and excite you.  When you get around Reid, you'll understand why people hate to love pull-ups and bear crawls!

Reid lives in Rosemount, Minnesota with his wife Kayla and 3 young kids.  He is a writer and an adventure junkie who loves to be outdoors (although he tries to stay at least 100 feet from any spiders).  He also loves preparing really tasty food, eating it, and then consuming everybody's leftovers.

BS, Training For Warriors L2, Precision Nutrition L1, Progressive Calisthenics, NASM-CPT

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